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$25 for 25 Hours Party Pass!


Rockstar Energy Drink brings you the “$25 PARTY PASS FOR 25 HOURS” for the 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival*.    Read more  ►

New Hell Or Highwater album out now!


Hell Or Highwater’s debut album “Begin Again” is out now! It’s only $5.99. They are currently in the top 10   Read more  ►

Pre-Order New Black Tide!


Black Tide’s new album Post Mortem comes out August 23rd.  You can pre-order it from now and receive a   Read more  ►

Rockstar UPROAR Charity VIP Auction!


Beginning TONIGHT and running for 10 days, fans can bid on eBay for a once-in a-lifetime chance to receive two   Read more  ►

New Black Tide Video!


Check out a NEW video from Black Tide entitled “That Fire.”  Head HERE to watch now!

FREE High or Hellwater Download!


Hell Or Highwater have released the first song, “Gimmie Love” off their upcoming debut album Begin Again for FREE download   Read more  ►

Vote on what A7X songs you want to hear!


Since this isn’t Avenged Sevenfold‘s first rodeo on the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, they want to make sure fans   Read more  ►

BCC now Hell or Highwater


Important Update!  Black Cloud Collective have officially changed their name to Hell or Highwater.  Go “Like” their new Facebook page   Read more  ►

Chicago’s Q101 $10.11 Tickets


With Q101 slated to completely disappear from Chicago, Rockstar UPROAR would like to thank and honor Q101 for their overwhelming   Read more  ►

New Art of Dying lyric video!


2011 Uproar Festival band Art Of Dying have just released a new lyric video for their next single “Get Thru   Read more  ►