By: Rick Florino

Charming Liars are one of the young upstarts you’ve just got to see at this year’s Rockstar
Energy UPROAR Festival. The band’s got the kind of rock ‘n’ roll grit and massive chorus that make entire festivals scream. It’s no nonsense hard rock with a whole lot of attitude and heart. Make sure you get there early and catch their set on the third stage.

In this exclusive interview with UPROAR’s Rick Florino, Charlie Cosser, singer of Charming Liars, talks their new EP, what they’re most looking forward to on the tour, and so much more.

Check out the band’s brand new video for “New Disorder” HERE and download the track for FREE HERE.

What ties the EP together for you?
The EP is a sample of the album we recorded over the last year and a half. We wanted to give people an introductory couple of tracks to give people a taste of the album so we have something to show them when we go out on tour. Pretty early on, we knew that “New Disorder” would be the first single. We wanted to add two or three tracks that fit in with that song and also showed another side of the band. That’s why we put “Break Away” and “Wasted” on it as well.

What’s the story behind “Break Away”?
It’s basically the only song we wrote back in London before we moved out to the States to record the album. It stuck around for a really long time. We wanted to capture how we were when we were in the UK debating whether or not we were going to continue the band and making music or continue the jobs we were in and going to university. It came to a point where we had to make a decision about what to do next. We decided to take the risk and not wonder, “What if we tried this?” “Break Away” is about leaving everything that’s holding you back from what you really want to do and trying to seize the moment.

What are you looking forward to the most about UPROAR?
It’s going to pretty much be our first official U.S. run, and it’s going to be decently lengthy as well. We’re very excited to be sharing the bill with some of the world’s biggest and greatest rock bands. New Politics is a band I’m really looking forward to check out whilst on the tour. I really like some of their songs. I’m stoked about that. I think the main thing we’re excited about is traveling to some places we’ve never visited in the States. Also, we’re huge foodies. We’re desperate to try the cuisine in every town.

Had you ever attended UPROAR?
We’ve never been to UPROAR. We’ve heard really good things. When we got word of being potentially added to the bill, we were stoked, and it was a no brainer. Who else are you looking forward to seeing? The band that stood out the most at the beginning was Coheed and Cambria. Coheed and I go a long way back. It was the first band I ever crowd-surfed to when I was 14-years-old. That’s a band all of us share a lot of passion and love for. I can picture after a long day of playing our set and selling merch, we’re going to be chilling on the lawn and seeing some awesome prog rock from Coheed.

What songs set the crowd off?
There’s a song that’s not actually on the EP called “The Desperation.” It’s a little bit poppier, and there’s more of a dance-y feel, but the lyrics are super cynical and basically shitty with the world. When we started writing it, we were like, “This sounds way too poppy and happy.” So we wrote socio-political focused lyrics. It’s the only song on the album that has that touch. It’s about bullshit going on around the world that seems ridiculous. Live, it connects in a really big way because the chorus is a big vocal chant. It seems to be the song that, even if you haven’t heard it before, everyone is singing along by the end of it anyway. That connects well. We used to open with “New Disorder,” now it closes the set. It’s a kick in the teeth, and people seem to respond to it well.