EXCLUSIVE: Alice In Chains “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” Album Review

Where would we be without Alice In Chains?

It’s a rather loaded question. It seems like everywhere you look (or listen) in modern rock the band’s influence looms rather ubiquitously. You can hear strains of the Seattle legends everywhere from Stone Sour and Five Finger Death Punch to Disturbed and Shinedown, and all of them will cop to taking inspiration from Alice In Chains. However, with The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, the foursome once again deliver an album worthy of absorbing for years to come.

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is chocked full of the brooding riff grittiness that generations of fans adore. In fact, Jerry Cantrell’s distortion rings out powerfully on the likes of “Hollow” and “Lab Monkey”, while his inimitable vocals take hold on the unshakable acoustic anthem “Voices”. He and William DuVall trade verses seamlessly, drumming up a harmony of their own, while Mike Inez’s beautifully deadly low end perfectly punctuates “Low Ceiling” and “Pretty Done”. Sean Kinney adds a tempered percussive flare to album standout and closer “Choke”. The aforementioned track remains one of the group’s best regardless of era. It’s forlorn, focused, and fiery. It’s everything Alice In Chains should be.

Make sure to watch them at the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival this summer (get the album now too!). We’re sure your favorite band will be. — Rick Florino (Twitter – @rickflorino)