New Godsmack Video – “Come Together”

“I’m very excited about life right now,” exclaims Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin. “It’s going to be a good year.”

That “good year” keeps rolling with the band’s co-headlining spot on the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival. Godsmack will be dropping a brand new music video for their cover of “Come Together” by The Beatles from Live & Inspired today, and we got an exclusive first look at the video.

The camera cuts through the wintry Boston streets and dives right into the heart of the band’s recording studio to capture them actually record “Come Together.” The coolest aspect of the video is the fact that the guys are truly recording. This wasn’t fabricated just for the video. The director catches them physically tracking and shows it in the clip. You’ve got to see it though to truly experience the magic of Godsmack in the studio.

Click here to check out the AOL video premiere.

However, we’ve got a lot more than that little tidbit. Below, Shannon Larkin opened up about the “Come Together” video, his Beatles fascination, what fans can expect from the band on the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, and so much more.

What separates the “Come Together” video?

We love the video! It was actually filmed while we were recording “Come Together.” Normally, the song will be recorded, and then the band will go back in the studio, put their headphones on, and pretend they’re recording for the music video. This was real. It wasn’t staged or anything. It’s really cool. We were in Boston in January, and there were two feet of snow on the ground. We were totally in that vibe at the studio. It was awesome.


What do you like the most about the music video?

I totally like the fact it was done while we were really recording. That’s a big deal to me because most people are faking it. I like that I had a Beatles shirt on. I had no idea we were doing the video that day. Sully had hooked it all up, and he didn’t tell us [Laughs]. I went to record the song, and they had video cameras there. He was like, “We’re going to film today!” We didn’t know if it was going to be for a music video or a DVD. I just thought we’re doing a Beatles song, I’ll wear my Beatles apple shirt. I’m a huge Beatles fan, by the way. Obviously, all musicians are. They were one of the first bands my mom had turned me on to at a very young age. I particularly like the later version when they all had beards. I had to be rocking a beard because it was wintertime in Boston. I tend to do that. I thought, “Wow, man, I’m totally in Beatles mode here.”


When was the first time you heard The Beatles?

I don’t remember the actual first time I heard them. My dad was all into country. He turned me on to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and a lot of the ’50s doo-wop. My mom is the rocker of the family, and she turned me on to The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and all of that. She had a greatest hits album. One had a red cover, and another had a blue cover. Those records had all of the Beatles hits on them, and I’d play them over and over again. This is long before I thought of being a musician or picking up drumsticks. Something musically spoke to me about the band, the harmonies, the lyrics, and the perfect craft of writing a two-and-a-half minute song.


What did Godsmack bring to the cover?

In 1978, Aerosmith, who’s obviously a huge influence on us as a Boston band, covered “Come Together” on the Live! Bootleg album. We listened to that version and the original. We knew Aerosmith added modernity and more rocking sound to The Beatles’ version. We wanted to bring it into the 2000s with a heavier guitar tone. Tony wrote a more chunking riff than the Aerosmith version. We wanted to make it Godsmack. We approached it like, “If we wrote the song, what would it have sounded like today?”


What are you looking forward to most on the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival?

Well, we love Shinedown. When they first came out with their first record, Sully came to us and said, “There’s a new band called Shinedown. Their singer is killer. We should take these guys on tour!” All of these years later, they’re great. I’m looking forward to hanging out and watching them play. We’ve done a couple of one-off shows with them. They’re fantastic, and they remain totally cool dudes. They’re the nicest guys you’ll ever talk to. We’re looking forward to hanging with them. We’ve done shows with Papa Roach for the last decade, and we personally like them also. A lot of it comes down to not having a big rock star attitude out there. Of course, Staind are our brothers. We just spent eight weeks on the road with them, and they’re wicked down-to-earth Massachusetts dudes. It’s going to be a family reunion.


Are you switching the set up on the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival?

Well, we get an hour to play. There are so many radio hits between us, Shinedown, Staind, and Papa Roach. We feel like the crowds are going to know every song each band plays. That’s a special thing right there. It’s like a hit factory on stage [Laughs]. I don’t think the set list will change much. We’ll cram all of the hits in that hour. We’re definitely going to do our drum solo. It’ll be a bunch of hits and a big ass drum solo.


Had you attended UPROAR before playing it?

I never did because I’m always playing! I never got to see Pink Floyd either. Every time they’d come around, I was playing in a band and I couldn’t go.


Have you started writing yet?

We’re always writing. When Godsmack songs begin, it starts with a guitar riff. Tony plays all day long, and he has his recorder sitting behind him. When magic happens, he records the riff. The four of us haven’t been writing together yet, but we have ammo!


By Rick Florino